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Capital Solutions for your business, simplified.
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About Us

Our Company

Merit Capital Advance, LLC provides small to mid-sized businesses with another working capital funding option known as a credit card receipt advance. These advances are not considered to be loans or debt obligations. They are funds that are advanced against the merchant's historical and future Visa® and MasterCard® sales. There is no fixed payment amount or repayment term. Instead, a small percentage of the merchant’s daily Visa and MasterCard receivables are collected until the advance and premium amount are repaid. Credit card receipt advances provide merchants with additional working capital allowing them to keep existing credit lines available for other financing needs.

Capital Solutions For Your Business, Simplified.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a merchant’s primary choice for
acquiring the cash needed to support and grow their business.

We work with merchants to identify and meet their specific
business needs by offering value-added products
and quality service.

Our success and ultimate profits are driven by a merchant’s
acceptance and use of our products and services.

To that end, our knowledgeable and professional staff is
dedicated to providing the highest level of consistent
customer service.

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